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WinPE Menu and Plugins

The goal of this Project is to release is to create a custom WinPE Boot Image with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) and to utilize Driver Plugins to enable additional functionality. This is handled by three main areas.
  • Unattend.xml replacement
    • Launching Unattend.vbs instead of LiteTouch.wsf.
    • The main focus of Unattend.vbs is to determine whether to launch a Custom WinPE Menu or LiteTouch.
  • Custom WinPE Menu
    • HTA in Windows 8 Visual Style
  • MDT Driver Plugins
    • Used to customize WinPE

Click on the Source Code tab, then click on Download. A Zip file will be downloaded.
Extract the contents and place +WinPE in your %DeployRoot%\Boot directory.
From there, read the instructions in %DeployRoot%\Boot\+WinPE\Menu\Install-Menu.vbs and all the !Readme.txt files.

Documentation will be published at over the next few weeks. More to come soon!



David Segura
Twitter: @winpeguy

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